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27 March 2017

Strömsund Tourism

Sommar i Strömsund
Tourism is an important industry for Strömsund´s municipal district. This industry has been successively built up to offer the good service and the variety of vacation activities demanded by today´s market.
Let yourself get caught up in the experience of traveling in Northern Jämtland. Abundant nature, wonderful experiences and good service, in the company of others or on your own. You can stay in the villages, by a lake or the mountains. Spectacular views and glimmering light nights. The forests and mountains, the lakes and the rivers, Jämtland and Ångermanland all meet here. A corner of Sweden that´s full of new adventures in a free and natural environment. 

From the rapid stream of Ammerån and the wide blue Vattudalen in the south, over the peaks of Tåsjoberget to the "nearly Norwegian" mountains and valleys in the north. Water - bubbling rapids, waterfalls, still mirrors of blue. Water everywhere! Water for fishing and paddling. Crispy clean water to drink from the stream, or why not sit down and enjoy a really good cup of Swedish coffee made the way it should be, with water fresh from a lake or stream and boiled over a campfire. Hike in our mountains and enjoy the incredible views. Or why not take a car drive on our scenic and adventure-filled Wilderness road (Vildmarksvägen). Grand forests full of berries, mushrooms, and orchids. The soft whisper of fir trees. This is moose, reindeer, beaver and bear country. High-reaching mountains and mountain tops, deep canyons and caves. Here you see the ancient traditions of early hunting societies alongside modern fairways. The Sami tradition next to satellite dishes. Living villages and silver-gray log cabins.

You can make your own adventure or participate in one that is arranged by others here. We´re just whetting your appetite for Jämtland- there´s a whole lot more.

Welcome to Strömsund´s municipal district in Northern Jämtland


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