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27 March 2017

Welcome to the Municipality of Strömsund

Strömsund´s municipal district is Jämtland countys northernmost municipal district and has a little more than 12 000 inhabitants. With its 10 000 square km Strömsund is Sweden 6th largest municipal district. Cativating nature, strong networks and a positive entrepreneurial spirit are some of the things that Strömsund is known for.
The transportation and communication networks are extensive. Important roads and railways are; Inlandsbanan (railway), the E45 motorway and main roads, 342 and 345. Even collective modes of transportation are extensive and easy to use as well as telecommunication lines for powerful data transmission (ISDN and ATM).

Diversity, width and service mindedness describe trade and industry. Our most important industries are wood production, electronics, mechanics, as well as service production within tourism and information technology.

In the municipal district there are abundant opportunities to live and thrive beside clean and large lake and rivers - in both the rural and urban areas.

There is a good range of commercial services available with a large selection of services, everyday commodities and capital goods.

We extend you a warm welcome to Strömsund- whether your visit is short or life-long.

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